The team at BIDDLE BUILD PTY LTD are adept at doing "the hard jobs".

Is your property on a hill with sloping terrain? - Not a problem!

Was your home built back in the 1800's? That's fine, we have experience with heritage listed properties.

Is your plan a little different and you need a builder that is happy to listen and help you achieve the outcome you are looking for?
Here at Biddle Build we take a personal approach to the work that we do and pride ourselves on being available to talk with YOU about YOUR project.

Whether you already have plans or not, or you need a reliable person to Manage your Project, we can guide you in the right direction. 

Contact us to START the ball rolling for your
Turn your ideas and dreams into reality!

Renovations & Restorations

Do you have a beautiful old cottage that needs a face lift, but you want to keep it looking original? Or do you want to merge the Old with the New?

Our Team at  BIDDLE BUILD PTY LTD  take great pride in being able to give new life to these old buildings (Check out our  GALLERY ) and we are confident in the use of a wide variety of different timbers to bring you the perfect look or keep in theme with existing features.

Is your kitchen in need of updating, your lounge room dark and dingey? This is something we can fix for you. 

If you already have plans that's a great start, if not - no worries we can help organise this... 

Decks, Carports, Verandahs and Pergolas

Is your outdoor space missing something? 

Do you need want to entertain the family and friends but don't for lack of space?- Perhaps a pergola or entertaining area is what you need.

Do you have a fabulous view from your back door but no-where to sit and admire it from? - Try adding a beautiful deck with an open roof to relax on.


Does your car need something to protect it from the harsh Australian weather? - an enclosed garage or an open carport may help with that.

We can help you find a solution to your problem.

Browse our GALLERY for samples of previous work done by our team.

Custom Builds

Wanting to build your ideal home, but find the big businesses just cant handle the uniqueness of your  ideas? Try talking to us, we specialize in builds that are a bit outside the box.... 

Is there always a fight to use the one and only toilet/bathroom in your house.... life would be better with an extra toilet right!

Do your tools and gardening implements, kids bikes and play equipment get in your way and under your feet? - a garden shed tucked up in the corner of your yard, or a complete shed/workshop is possible depending on your needs and space.

Has your teenager outgrown your house but not your home? - Maybe a sleep-out will help give them some independence and give you back some space.

Do you have a hobby that's taking up too much space in the house or you haven't started for lack of space? - How about adding a studio to your house that can be made as specific as you need for your hobby.

Browse our GALLERY for samples of previous work done by our team.